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Things to consider when buying wood cleaning products for your stained cabinetry:


Things to consider when buying wood cleaning products for your stained cabinetry: 

You’ve purchased and installed your beautiful stained IDC Custom cabinets. You are enjoying your new kitchen cabinets and are hearing compliments from your friends and family on how great your kitchen looks! A few weeks have passed, and it is now time to clean your cabinets. What products do you use? You want to make sure to use good quality products to keep your cabinets looking new for years to come. There are a few things to consider when choosing your wood cleaning products: 

  • Do they leave a scent? Some of the cleaning products leave scents when you use them. This can be problematic for people with allergies. This is also something to strongly consider if anybody in your household is sensitive to scents. 
  • How shiny or glossy do you want your cabinets to look after cleaning? Some products make the wood look shinier and glossier than others. This is something for you to consider depending on how you want the cabinets to look. 
  • Does the cleaning product leave streaks or smudge easily when you touch the wood right after use? Some products take a little bit longer to dry or settle before you can touch the wood. If you don’t give it enough time to dry, it will leave smudges and/or streaks behind.

This is not an exhaustive list on things to consider for wood cleaning products, but it is a start. Here are two products that our team uses and recommends that you try out: 

Magic Cabinet & Wood: Standard wood cleaner that our crew uses to clean after install. 


  • Scent factor: This product has an almond like scent when applied. You can find this product at Home Depot, Lowe’s and online marketplaces for relatively low cost. 
  • Shininess & gloss factor: This product leaves your cabinets looking glossy.
  • Streak & smudge factor: This product takes a while to dry before being able to touch. 

Bruce Hardwood & Laminate: Alternative option that works well and is easy to use. 


  • Scent factor: This product does not leave a scent. 
  • Shininess & Gloss factor: This product does not leave your cabinets looking as shiny/glossy as the Magic product. It is perfect for when you don’t have as much time to clean and are okay with the wood not looking as glossy. 
  • Streak & smudge factor: This product dries up quickly and is easy to use. 

At the end of the day, you will learn through trial and error what works best for you and your lifestyle. There are other wood cleaners that you may like more. We recommend you maintain a good routine of cleaning maintenance to make them last longer and protect the wood from different elements. 

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