What is the “Design/Build” Process?
As a homeowner, why should I care?

Those are the 2 questions you are probably asking yourself right now.

The Design/Build process is really the best way for a homeowner to approach any remodeling or renovation process. When done correctly, it allows a homeowner to be able to easily, quickly, and accurately create a remodeling plan that meets both their design requirements and budget.


By working with a singular entity from design to material selection and purchase, through to construction and project completion, it eliminates multiple areas of possible miscommunication. The benefit to a homeowner is that this process greatly increases the probability that the remodeling project will be completed successfully and without any major hassles or frustrations.

Additionally, the coordination between project design and overall costs are much more easily handled when different aspects of the project can be modified and adjusted in order to meet any existing budgetary requirements.


At Innovative Design Concepts, our Design/Build process allows us to work with homeowners to design and build a project in accordance to their budget.

In our showroom, we work with homeowners in creating a design that they’ll absolutely love, through choosing the correct combination of materials that look absolutely stunning while also meeting their budget.

Creating a beautiful and expensive look doesn’t have to be expensive… if you know what to do.

For example, did you know that there are porcelain tiles that look just like marble but at a fraction of the cost? Or that there are basic design techniques that expert designers utilize in order to create an extremely high-end look using lower-cost materials?

Our expert craftsmen and project managers are also available on-site to assist with providing creative and innovative solutions for any given project. Over the years, our expert team has developed installation “hacks” that can upgrade the look and feel of lower-grade materials.

IDC’s Design/Build process ensures that you get the most value for your hard-earned money by tapping into our expert staff’s vast knowledge-base.

Visit our showroom and see for yourself what’s available. More importantly, speak with our friendly and gracious staff and let them walk you through some of the possibilities. You’ll be glad you did.

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