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The keys to a Successful remodel

timeless design

quality materials

expert craftsmanship

At Innovative Design Concepts,
those are the foundational cornerstones that our company is built upon,
because our clients demand it, and you deserve it.

Timeless Design

Whether you need to update your family room, formal dining room, den, or add additional space with a room addition, design is critical to ensuring that there is cohesiveness and consistency within the spaces of your home.

A proper and cohesive design ensures that the newly remodeled space looks like it belongs and avoids unnecessarily standing out. This can be achieved through the use of complimentary and contrasting design cues that connect adjacent rooms creating the feeling of consistency and flow throughout your old space and new.



Quality Materials

When remodeling or updating interior spaces in your home, the materials you use is a critical component in achieving a cohesive and connected flow. The ability to be able to see various materials, colors, styles, and options available all conveniently located in one place will ensure that your newly remodeled space will be perfect.

At IDC, our unique Design/Build process makes the selection of the perfect materials for your remodel fun and easy. Because of the large material selection available in our showroom, we are able to help you quickly sift through hundreds of options to find the perfect materials that meet your design needs and budget.

Expert Craftsmanship

No matter how perfectly crafted a design is, and no matter how much money is spent in materials, if the installation is not done properly, you will be disappointed.

The most critical component of any renovation or remodeling project is the skillset and expertise of the individuals physically working on your project.

At IDC, our installers have over 115+ years of combined experience and have expertly completed over 2,345,234 square feet of construction projects.

All our installers are employees. We do not use subcontractors.


Our Innovative Design Build Process

… ensures that you get the perfectly designed space, built with quality materials, professionally installed by craftsmen, at a price that meets your budget.

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